What is my child doing?

An effective monitoring of children who have “problems” with school absenteeism and the use of tobacco drugs and alcohol.

This initiative wants to leave the usual patterns of other
sites, authorities, foundations or associations,also wants  to try to achieve a bigger proximity of her wishes directly on field and least on paper,seminars,workshop or at the sterile round table which have very few real result

The activity related on our initiative consist in a mutual help of parents who come to us to determinate some causes that lead to behavioral  changes of their children.

Along with our fellow lawyers and psychologists we are trying to bring on the normal “way” the children who ,because of some factors more or less objective are near the scourge called juvenile delinquency.

As we haven’t got the quality and we aren’t organs for investigation or of protection of the children covered  by a state law,as members of civil society,we are working with all authorities and associations which want a better and a cleaner society

Come and join us!


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